SMT Snes: Bug Fix Patch


"This is a patch for Aeon Genesis’ translation of Shin Megami Tensei that fixes every bug present in the translation, ranging from missing line breaks or texts that are too long, to not being able to buy guns in the first part of the game or not being able to complete one the games’ endings. It also changes the names of demons, races, items, spells, skills and other things to those used in the official translations. This is not only to make the game friendlier to those familiar with Atlus USA’s translations, but some spells were so long in Japanese (Maha-Zan and Maha-Zanma, for example) that you couldn’t differentiate between both in the selection screen".


Lo spagnolo Orden ha rilasciato due patch per il primo Shin Megami Tensei per Snes, la prima è una traduzione completa del gioco in spagnolo basata sulla traduzione amatoriale inglese, la seconda è una patch di correzione per quella inglese in funzione di eliminare i tanti bug dimenticati da Gideon Zhi.


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